BHHF: Your Go-To Guide For Sprucing The Place Up

Welcome to Bedhead Home Furnishing!  This is an infoblog about  all the ways to brighten up your home.

The Floor

First up, before you touch anything else, we recommend you do your floor. Your floor is what touches your feet all the day, and can be found all throughout the house, so it is the most important.

Some people like carpet because its warmer on their feet, others prefer a hard surface. It all depends on whether you would rather vacuum the floor or mop the floor. If you have children, it may be better to have a hard floor to avoid stains, or if you really must get carpet you should choose a ‘dirty’ colour. That will hide the various stains that will inevitably come as the years of your children spilling food and drink on the floor go by!

If you choose a hard surface, we recommend going with polished concrete, it looks and feels better than tiles or a wooden surface. Whatever you choose, get the best for your own needs.

Concrete looks much better polished